Peter Stamer

Peter Stamer works as director, performer, mentor, and curator in the field of contemporary theatre and performance.

Next to his theatre pieces such as On Truth and Lie in an Extra-Moral Sense or his rendition of Franz Kafka's In the Penal Colony (planned for 2019), Peter’s performance and theatre projects often take on strategies of story-telling and dialogic improvisation: the performance For Your Eyes Only (presented in Vienna, Berlin, Stockholm a.o.) or A Piece You Remember to Tell, a history-telling-project on contemporary dance pieces.

Peter is also conceiving installation projects such as the performative installation 26 Letters To Deleuze which was presented at EMPAC Troy/New York; the international building-performance-project A Future Archeology (Berlin, Vienna, Cairo) in 2013, or the site-specific performance and residency project Ariadne on the Beach – Building Together with the Tides for Porto. As theatre maker he regularly collaborates with the Viennese theatre group toxic dreams with which he realized a.o. a series of theatre shows called The Big Event 1-3 on Kennedy’s assassination in 2012/2013. In summer 2015, toxic dreams and Peter presented the two-day long The Circus of Life A-Z at Tanzquartier Vienna. Since summer 2017, toxic dreams and Peter set out on the quest for the Austrian whale (Moby Dick – A Travelling Extravaganza), taking on Melville’s epic Moby Dick on a month-long performative trip through Austria which after a series of presentations will see its final curtain in September 2018 with the premiere of The Whale that Swallowed Austria.

As curator, Peter Stemer was responsible for two editions of the festival Tanznacht Berlin (2008 and 2010)  and, together with Silke Bake, for the 2011 edition of the NU Performance Festival Tallinn in the framework of Tallinn Cultural Capital. He has been mentoring and coaching at various art education programs such as AMCh Amsterdam, ZHDK Zurich, HZT Berlin, or APASS Brussels. In 2019 he (and Silke Bake) will be artistically responsible for The Critical Practices, a five-month-long art fellowship venture for the newly founded Artist-in-Residence-Program of the Onassis Foundation Athens.