11-12.07 | 29.09 -10.10.2017


For dancers, whose careers are usually short and finish once their youth elapses, time is of key importance.

6 October 2017, 19:00
75 min

50, 30 PLN

Teatr Studio - duża scena
Kup bilet


Water between three hands is the first piece of work by the outstanding theatre artist Rabih Mroué created in collaboration with dancers. Mroué has teamed up with DANCE ON ENSEMBLE consisting of performers aged over 40 who incorporate their own longstanding stage experience into the spectacle.


The spectacle was created as part of the DANCE ON 1st EDITION program, which in turn forms a part of a wider European project titled DANCE ON, PASS ON, DREAM ON dedicated to the issue of biological age in dance. For dancers, whose careers are usually short and finish once their youth elapses, time is of key importance.


In today’s world problems related to ageing society somewhat force ”professional longevity” upon its members. Cancelling early retirement for dancers in some of the countries has stimulated activity among mature performers and facilitated the development of such groups as, among others, DANCE ON. This ensemble focuses on artistic craft of the people who, until recently, would be retired dancers. It makes use and purposefully underlines its longstanding experience, charisma and performing skills.


The DANCE ON’s mission is to cause a great change in the worldwide dance which will make choreographies prepared for and with mature and experienced dancers standard and not exception. The ensemble make use of the whole spectrum of forms including dance, performance and theatre and develop its repertoire in collaboration with world-renowned choreographers and directors such as Rabih Mroué. The Lebanese artist constructs with the help of DANCE ON ENSEMBLE a stage narrative built of elements taken from their own personal lives. He treats a body of an experienced performer as some kind of
a “personal archive” – a place where experiences, memories, emotions and traumas are accommodated throughout the years. Thanks to it, he explores the relation between the presence and absence, reality and fiction, past and present.