Exchange: change is the first initiative of such type prepared by Ciało/Umysł Foundation and aimed at young dance artists from Poland and Hungary.

5 October 2017, 19:00
120 min

30 PLN

CSW Zamek Ujazdowski
Kup bilet


It combines artistic residence whose results will be presented as part of the International Festival Ciało/Umysł during a one week-long creative workshop that will stimulate serious reflection on the ways in which dance and performative arts can provide answer to the question of time in practice.

Rush, continuity, a point on a timeline, a period of time, a short moment and unbearable longueurs, a pursuit of time, time measured with history of dance, time perceived as order, time perceived as passing? Or maybe just free time or a revolt against the tyranny of the clock?

Exchange: change – Time and Dance is a process-oriented project, with no pressure put on the final result… until the time comes.

Performances schedule:

Tuesday, 03.10.2017

19:00 – 19:45 Anna Biczók Nanastrova/ Precedents to a potential future

19:45 – 20:20 Ula Zerek, Exposure

20:20 – 21:00 Ola Bożek-Muszyńska, The day when V. made me think or how I got rid of procrastination

Thursday, 05.10.2017

19:00 – 19:45 Luca Dömötör, UNI

19:45 – 20:30 Aniela Kokosza, I give you time

20:45 – 21:30 Lior Lazarof, Variation of Interior


There are three young artists from Poland and three other ones from Hungary invited to participate in the project:

Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska (Poland)

A performative artist, choreographer, dancer, contemporary dance instructor. She has been a grantholder of the Alternative Dance Academy of Grażyna Kulczyk since 2015. She collaborates with Mufmi Dance Theatre in Warsaw and Appendix Foundation.


Violetta Villas once sang that ”time will come for this”. The starting point for this project is going to be based on the attempt to find an answer to the question: ”the time will come for what?”

Movement-based exploration preceeded by a research and interviews conducted among a group of women of over 50 and 30 years of age.



Aniela Kokosza (Poland)

A performative artist, choreographer, choreotherapist, graduate of the Academy of Music in Poznań and  graduate of the Institute of Music and Dance (2015). She has collaborated with the Contemporary Dance Stage in Poznań and has been leading various dance and educational workshops in Poznań since 2008.



The project will be an attempt to escape from the pressure of time, come into existance in the parallel universe and find time-independent state of mind. The performer wants to share the comfort zone that she creates with her audience – she plans to give their time. What will they do with it? Everything depends on them…



Urszula Zerek (Poland)

A performer, dancer, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. Her primary artistic need is a pursuit of collectivity. She is interested in broadening the possibilities for body expression and manners in which dance meets with other means of artistic expression.


The project is based on the idea of briging the seemingly preclusive media of dance and photography –time and its stopping, together. Which one will turn out to be more powerful? What will they offer to each other? How will they use each other? What will they create? A work of a performative duo consisting of a dancer and photographer.


Anna Biczók (Hungary)

A graduate of the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy.

"Precedents to a potencial future"

A one-woman performance-lecture-performance connecting impressions, imagination and memories, linking them to the present moment. What is there that can not be seen? Where is the moment where we create meaning? How text, sound, image and sensations complete each other to make us understand a phenomena as "experience"? A mixture of expressions create narrative to a performance that is - or not - present.


Luca Dӧmӧtӧr (Hungary)

A graduate of the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy.


Uni is a prefix in latin for numerous words, like universal, unity, universe, etc. All of these mean a combination of many. But uni is also one, or alone...this controversy gives the base of this piece.

Two dancers and two musician submerge in vibration, experimenting with the overlapping resonance of sound and movement. The performance has its unique, colorful atmosphere, with a special abstract way of communication between them through the basic sensory experiences of seeing, hearing, moving, touching etc.

The performers keep on practicing being together with balancing between ego and empathy, taking the lead or being led, offend and defend lasting for understanding. Can cooperation and equality last? We are balancing on the edge of me, you and us. Why we keep on being together? Do we comprehend the significance of being alone? The creators are putting these questions on a universal human level of existance.


Lior Lazarof (Hungary)

"Variation of Interior (2017)"

This solo is an experiment in real-time; an inhabitation of constructed space; a game that swings between levels of internalization; a formalised distance that aims to create greater intimacy.