A place for reflection on dance and its siginifcance in culture created in collaboration with a Brussels-based organization ABC – Art Basics for Children. The project encompasses meetings, choreographical games, workshops and a mini multimedia library.

30 September 2017, 18:00
120 min

free entry

Studio Theatre - foyer


Dancing is nowadays a varied and hardly definable phenomenon. It is intertwined with circus, theater and performance, but does not substitute any of these forms. As a result, dance includes performative events that require completely different competencies and sensibilities. What does dancing mean today? This question does not only concern its contemporary definition, but also the place and meaning of dance in culture.
A series of open projects, workshops, films, and lectures prepared by Ciało/Umysł in collaboration with the Brussels-based ABC Art Basics
for Children. These events will help you find your own answers to questions about the significance of dance. Anyone can come here to act independently or use the map.

Everyone is welcome to come and act on his/her own or use a map. There are no limits here.