MORUS/WIĘCEJ. The work poses a question about visions for the future as well as the present and future status of identity and body in the ever-changing world.

30 September 2017, 20:30
60 min

30, 50 PLN

Teatr Studio -main stage
Kup bilet


MORE is a dance performance for two dancers, a choreographic utopia corresponding to ”Utopia” by a British philosopher Thomas More’ whose name is referred to in its double meaning title. The work poses a question about  visions for the future as well as the present and future status of identity and body in the ever-changing world where new technologies are of key importance.

MORE, means ”more”. More than a human, body or dance. This spectacle by Ramona Nagabczyńska (developed in close collaboration with Magda Jędra) constitutes the first part of a 3-year long cycle titled Shift inspired by transhumanism, an intellectual movement which aims to broaden and expand human capabilities by means of science, machines and technology, heading towards the emergence of a human-technological hybrid in the future.


In times when it seems that all existing solutions are no longer valid, the tendency to fantasize about the future is growing. Those fantasies, however, tell more about who we are today than what is about to happen.  Nagabczyńska is particularly interested in two facts from our distant and quite recent past which refer to a fantasy about the future of humankind. In 1993, a performer Genesis P'Orridge and his partner Lady Jaye Breyer started a process of a gradual, longstanding transformation of their own bodies which is supposed to lead to a situation where they will not only look the same but will also become the same, creating together a brand new pandrogyneous creature. In 2017, Elon Musk founded a company called Neuralink which has been working on the development of implantable brain-computer interfaces thanks to which human minds will be joined directly to a digital memory bank and the categories of individual and collective identity will need to be radically transformed.

Drawing from these inspirations and also referring to the aesthetics of the SCI-FI, B-horror movies and NASA designs, Nagabczyńska constructs a situation in which the identity is treated as a kind of constantly transforming fluid matter which can be recreated over and over again by experimenting and playing with it. The transformation tool in case of MORE is constituted by movement and change which allow to transgress the limits of the entity and check how a performing body will behave in new, impossible to foresee circumstances. The choreographer chooses mutation, repetition, reflection and symmetry as her creative strategy in order to find a self-transforming figure of movement, or the utopian system of movement.